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I: Choose the word whose underlined part in pronounced differently from the rest in each group:

1.    A. comfort                       B. hobby             C. popular                     D. knowledge

2.    A.eats                               B. tapes                C. lives                D. cooks

3.    A.complain            B. main               C. explain                      D. certain

4.    A. official              B. collect            C. Collapse                    D. colony

5.    A. fashion              B. elephant         C. champagne      D. casual

II: Choose the word whose syllable is stressed differently from the rest in each group.

   1.   A. equipment                 B. criminal                    C. evidence                   D. passenger

   2.   A. adventure                  B. discover                    C. represent                   D. experience

   3.   A. dependent       B. computer                  C. mechanic        D. interest

   4.   A. definite                      B. suggestion                C. influence                   D. probably

   5.   A. proceed            B. welfare                      C. include           D. provide

III: Choose the best option to complete each of the following sentences

1. The students may ______ a parting meeting before they leave school.

A. to  have                     B. have                 C. having             D. had

2. It might ______  tonight because of the cold climate.

A. rain                  B. to rain              C. raining             D. rained

3. She cannot______ a word because she’s so moved.

A. say                   B. to say               C. saying              D. says

4. Scientist could not ______ about the egg- shaped object in some fields.

A. explaining       B. to explain        C. explain            D. explained

5. You should ______ more books on UFO if you want to know about life on other planets.

A. reading                     B.  read                C, to read             D. reads     

6. They will ______ their friends at the airport.

A. see                   B. seeing              C. to see               D. saw

7. She  had ______ what she has seen to the police.

A. report              B. to report                    C. reporting                   D. reported

8. This chair needs ______ It’s almost broken .

A. to fix               B. fix                             C. fixing              D. fixed

9. The students need ______ some new books on Math.

A. to buy              B.  buy                 C. buying             D. bought

10.  The children must ______their homework before going out for the games.

A.  finish              B. to finish                    C. finishing                   D. finished

11. If she ______enough money, she’ll buy an apartment.

A.  has                  B. had                  C. to have            D. have

12. If they train hard . they ______ past record  easily.

A. will break                 B. would break    C. break               D. broke

13. If I ______an alien, I would talk to him/her without fear.

A. meet                B. met                  C. had meet                   D. meeting

14. If the children got up earlier , they ______the bus this morning.

A. wouldn’t miss          B. will miss                   C. missed             D.

15. If today ______Sunday , we could go to the beach.

A. has been                    B. were                C.  is                              D. was

16. If the firemen ______ in time , they could save the victims.

A.  have come      B. come               C. came                D. comes

17. If you don’t work hard, you______ better results.

A. won’t get                  B. don’t get                   C. hasn’t get                  D. doesn’t get

18. If the weather ______ fine tomorrow, we’ll go on a camping trip.

A. is                               B. will be             C. can be              D. were

19. If it gets colder, we ______warm and heavy clothes.

A. wear                B. will wear                   C. wearing           D. wears

20. If people see a UFO, they ______ the NASA know. 

A. let                             B. will let             C. letting              D. lets

21. There will ______thunderstorms over the central highlands .

A. is also              B. also being                 C. being also                 D.also be

22. Could you show me where______the tickets

A. get                             B. to get               C. will get            D.getting

23. That is a house______I was born .

A. in which          B. in that              C. which in where

24. On Easter young children receive chocolate or______.

A. candies            B. flowers            C. apples              D.sugar eggs

25. We will soon gather at the village______the festival is taking .

A. which              B. when                C. where     which

26. My parents______me______at the railway station .

A. saw /on            B. took / off                   C. left / off                    D.saw /off

27. Lan failed her English, ______, she has to do the test a gain .

A. however          B. therefore                   C. because           D.but

28. In western countries electricity ,gas and water are______.

A. no necessities B. no need            C. necessities       D.need

29. We can save natural resources by using Solar energy______coal,gas and oil

A. instead            B. help with                   C. instead of                  D. help

30. You should reduce the ______of water your family uses .

A. sum                 B. whole              C. amount            D. all

31.You should get a plumber to______there are no cracks in the pipes.

A. make sure                 B. is sure              C. make               D. watching

32. If you can keep the neighborhood clean,you will have an______place to live

A. idea                 B. interest            C. ideal                D. interested

33. The weather ______for tomorrow isn’t very good.

A. forecast           B. foresee            C. foremen                    D. news

34. If I had enough apples, I ______an apple pie this afternoon.

A. will bake                   B. would bake      C. bake                 D. baked

35. How could he explain his abrupt ______ from the party?

A. disappear                  B. disappearing   C. disappears       D. disappearance

36. A: Is Mary over sixteen?

B: She ______ be. She is studying in class 12 A 5

A. might              B. may                 C. must                D. would

37. Sally would answer the phone if she ______in her office right now.

A. were                B. may be            C. is                     D. would be

38. The satellite will remain ______orbit for several years.

A. at                     B. in                     C. of                     D. on

39. Stop being so ______and tell us what happen.

A. mystery                    B. mysteries                  C. mysterious      D. myth 

40. I will take you to the circus on Saturday if you ______ my car for me.

A. washes            B. washed            C. will wash                  D. wash

41. The kids would answer back, and that drove her ______.

A. crazy               B. madness                    C. craziness                   D. crazily  

42. He’s terrified ______ spiders.

A. of                     B. to                     C. with                 D. about

43. Have you ever seen ______ films about UFOs?

A. few                            B. a few               C. some                D. any

44. They said they saw a UFO ______ the sky.

A. above              B. in                     C. on                              D. at

45. People said there ______ water on Mars.

A. might              B. may                 C. must                D. will

46. This is the house ______he was born.

A. which              B. where              C. that                            D. when

47. My bicycle is out of order. I must ______ it.

A. correct             B. clean                C. repair               D. wash

48. John ______ in Ha Noi for 3 years so far.

A. is living                    B. lives                C. live                            D. has lived

49. It is Saturday today______.

A. is it                           B. it isn’t             C. wasn’t it                    D. isn’t it

50. People all love ______books about UFOs.

A. reading            B. to be reading   C. read                 D. reads

IV. Read the passage and choose the best answer.

          Ted Robinson has been worried all the week. Last Tuesday he received a letter  from the local police. In the letter he was asked to call at the station. Ted  wondered  why he was wanted by the police but he went  to the station yesterday, and now he is not worried any more. At the station, he was told by a smiling policeman that his bicycle had been found. Five days ago, the policeman told him, the bicycle was picked up in a small village four hundred miles away. It is now being sent to his home by train. Ted was most surprised when he heard the news. He was amused too, because he never expected the bicycle to be found. It was stolen twenty years ago when Ted was a boy of fifteen!

1. What happened to Ted last week?

A. He lost his bicycle.

B. He received a letter from his friend.

C. He was asked to go to the local police station.

D. He  called the local police.  

2. The policeman who met Ted at the station was ......

A. impolite    B. friendly     C. generous    D. reserved

3. Where was the bicycle found?

A. At the station      B. On the train    C. In a village     D. In a city

4. Ted was surprised when he heard the news because ..............

A. his bicycle was found five days ago.

B. he believed that the police would find his bicycle.

C. his bicycle is being sent to his home by train.

D. he didn't think his bicycle would be found.

5. How old is Ted now?

          A. 35                    B. 25                    C. 45                    D. 55

V: Choose the underlined words which need correcting then correct the mistake.

1. She asked me if I live in Hanoi.

            A         B     C       D

2. If you work hard, you would get good marks. 

   A                   B                 C            D

3. A meeting will held next week by the committee.

          A              B                 C      D

4. Mrs. Lien, whom sings very well, is my teacher of English.

                    A                   B            C                   D


5. The boys are playing soccer over there are from class 9 A.

          A         B                                C    D

6. I really wish we can make a trip around the world.

           A                  B      C                 D

7. Don’t ask me. If I knew the answer, I will tell you right now.

            A          B                                    C                       D

8. If today was Sunday, we could spend a day out in the country.

               A                         B                       C              D

9. Listen to the weather forecast. It says that it would rain tonight.

          A                                B             C               D


10. The man whom was televised last night is the principle of our school.

                        A              B                           C                      D



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