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Unit 8 : Celebrate - Excercise

 - Người đăng: Sóc Nhỏ  Xem: 1250 giới thiệu Unit 8: Celebrate - Excercise

I. Select the best modal solution:

   1. Choose the word whose has the underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest:

         A. special             B. crowd                     C. occur              D. sticky

  2. Choose the word whose has the stress pattern is different from the rest:

         A. decorate                B. slavery                 C. Passover               D. celebrate

  3. Vietnam doesn't have ________________________________.

         A. Women's Day            B. Teachers' Day                   C. Hallowen Festival                D. Independent Day

  4. Father never ________________ heart.

          A. loses                       B. lost                              C. closes                        D. closed

  5. ___________________ for the singing contest have closed.

              A. Nominate            B. Nomination                    C. Nominational                    D. Nominatic

  6. When his daughter fisted _____________________on the wedding, he cried.

            A. boyfriend              B. husband                    C. groom                     D. male

  7. Choose the word whose has the stress pattern is different from the rest:

          A. acquaintance                   B. effective                    C. charity                   D. axcellent

  8. That's an excellent dog!  ->___________________________________________________!

         A. That's very kind of you           B. Oh no         C. It's nice of you to say so               D. Oh my God

  9. I remember we haven't met together so long. You look very distingguish.

          A. similar                  B. like                    C. different                   D. as same as

 10. She is the effective ________________ in this programme.

           A. act                 B. action                   C. activity                     D. activist

 11. They ________________ loved artist always found the good lifeway.

          A. who              B. which                   C. whom                   D. whose

 12. We accept them, ________________ we hate them very much.

            A. though              B. eventhough         C. although                  D. inspite of

 13. ________________ we asked her, she dumbed as a fish.

          A. Though               B. Eventhough             C. Although               D. B and C are correct

 14. Rose blossom ________________ is sweet-smelling symbolized for love.

             A. which                B. that               C. who               D. A and B are correct

II. Rewrite these sentences, using relative clause or adverbs clauses of concession:

    15. We have a book. The book presents a true love story.


    16. She is my friend. John met her yesterday.


    17. He is a gymnast. He loves Wendy.


   18. I cry. I win the contest.


   19. She was sick. She went to school.


   20. I don't like. I go to school.




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