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 - Người đăng: Sóc Nhỏ  Xem: 3301 giới thiệu Unit 9: Period 54:Lesson 1: GETTING STARTED–LISTEN and READ


I. Getting started:

* Match the pictures to the correct words:
b. Typhoon
d. Volcano.
c. Snowstorm
a. Earthquake
II. Listen and read:

  • Snowstorm (n): bão tuyết
  •  Earthquake (n): động đất
  • Volcano (n): núi lửa
  • Typhoon (n): bão nhiệt đới
  • turn up (v): điều chỉnh to lên
  • expect (v): mong đợi, chờ đón.
  • trust (v): tin tưởng.
  • thunderstorm (n) : bão có sấm sét, mưa to.
  • weather forecast (n): chương trình dự báo thời tiết

a) Practice the dialogue in a group of three:
Thuy: Grandma, it`s the weather forecast on TV.
Grandma: Can you turn up the volume, Thuy?
Thuy: Yes, Grandma.
Weatherman: Here is Tomorrow`s weather forecast. Ha Noi and areas to the north will be sunny. Ha Noi will have temperatures between 23°C and 27°C. It will be raining along the coast of Thanh Hoa.The south-central coast can expect thunderstorms, Hue will experience temperatures between 25°C and 30°C. There will also be thunderstorms over the central highlands. Areas around the Cuu Long Delta can expect clouds during the day. Ho Chi Minh City`s temperatures will be between 27°C and 35°C.
.Thuy: That`s all, Grandma.
Grandma: Thank you, dear. What are you doing?
Thuy: I`m preparing for a picnic with some old friends of mine. We haven’t met since we left school. We`re going to a park on the other side of the river.
Grandma: Don`t forget to bring along a raincoat.
Thuy: But Grandma, the forecast says it`ll be sunny.
Grandma: I never trust weather forecasts.
Thuy: You don’t miss a single one on TV, do you?
Grandma: But I like watching them, dear.
Thuy: Alright Grandma, I’ll bring a raincoat just in case. I hope my friends won`t laugh at me.

1) Ha Noi and areas to the north will be ......

A. sunny
B. rainy
C. snowy
D. cloudy

2) Thuy`s grandmother wants her to turn ...... the volume.
A. on
B. off
C. up
D. down
3) Hue`s temperatures will be ...... 25oC.... 30oC
A. to........from
C. on ....... in
D. between ... and

4) Thuy is going to go a picnic with ........
A. her classmates
B. her old friends
C. her brother
D. her parents

5) Thuy`s grandmother asks her to bring ...

A. some fruit
B. a drink
C. warm clothes
D. a raincoat

6) Which sentence is wrong?
a. Thuy’s grandma likes watching the weather forecast
b. Thuy’s grandma never trusts the weather forecast
c. Thuy’s grandma will bring a raincoat
d. Thuy’s grandma doesn’t miss a single weather

b) Fill in each blank with one word or phrase from the dialogue:

1. Thuy’s grandmother wants her to _______ the volume on TV because she wants to listen to the _____________
2. It will be ______ along the coast of Thanh Hoa.
3. The ______________ will experience thunderstorms.
4. Ho Chi Minh city will _______________ between 270C and 350C.
5. Although Thuy’s grandmother doesn’t trust ______________ ,she likes ____________

turn up
weather forecast.
central highlands
have temperatures
weather forecast
watching them.

Here is the weather forecast for tomorrow in Daklak. Cưm’ga will have temperatures between 22oC and 25oC
- It will be rainy.
*...... will have temperatures between......and.......

           Ex: HaNoi will have temperatures between 23oC and 27oC.
* ......will be sunny/ rainy/...
...... can expect clouds.....
            Ex: It will be rainy along the coast of Thanh Hoa


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