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Đề thi thử vào lớp 10 môn Tiếng Anh THPT Yên Lạc năm 2017

Thứ hai - 22/05/2017 07:08 giới thiệu đề thi thử vào lớp 10 môn Tiếng Anh THPT Yên Lạc, Vĩnh Phúc năm học 2017 2018 có đáp án cho các em tham khảo.


Đề chính thức



Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút, không kể thời gian giao đề.

Mã đề 001


A. PHẦN TRẮC NGHIỆM (40 câu: 8,0 điểm)


I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the other three.

Câu 1. A. information                B. lake                      C. vacation                    D. restaurant

Câu 2. A. intended                    B. walked                  C. washed                     D. matched

Câu 3. A. tourist                         B. famous                 C. dangerous                  D. anxious

II. Indicate the word whose primary stress is different from the other three in each of the following questions.

Câu 4. A. police                  B. invite                      C. balloon                    D. woman

Câu 5. A. allow                      B. deny                     C. delay                     D. enter

III. Indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Câu 6. If he ...... more money, he would buy that car.

A.had had                      B. has had                  C. had                  D. has

Câu 7. ............. did it take you to finish the project? - Just one day.

A. How                     B. When                      C. How long                        D. How often

Câu 8. He is having his house ..................... at the moment.

A. repaired                           B. repair                    C. is repaired                          D. being repaired

Câu 9. Sam wishes he .....................Paris again next year.

A. visited                         B. would visit                         C. visits                       D. will visit

Câu 10. The reason ............... he didn't pass the exam is his laziness.

A. which                             B. why                        C. when                   D. that

Câu11. This is the first time Thomas ................. to Vietnam.

A. is coming                       B. has come                      C. came                        D. will have come

Câu 12. They said that they...............their house the following week.

A. had sold                            B. would sell                           C. will sell                           D. sold

Câu13. You are old enough to take care .............. yourself.

A. with                               B. from                              C. of                    D. for 

Câu 14. I can't speak English ............... my partners.

A. worst than                      B. as well as                         C. as good as                      D. best as

Câu 15. Your teacher never writes poems or stories, ................. she?

A. doesn't                           B. has                           C. does                          D. will

Câu 16. This department store ...................... three years ago.

A. built                                B. is built                         C. builds                      D. was built

Câu 17. .....................the weather was fine , we postponed the flight to Bahamas .

A. Because                              B. Although                        C. In spite of                            D. Unless

Câu 18. He went away without................ the door.

A. to close                               B. closed                       C. close                           D. closing

Câu 19. Computer is one of the most important .................. of the 20th century.

A. invent                             B. inventor                        C. to invent                          D. inventions

Câu 20. The school where we studied last year is .................. .

A. good - equipped                     B. well - equip                  C. well - equipped                        D.well – equipping

Câu 21. "You must always us the truth.", the judge said to the man.

A.tell                           B.confess                           C.say                          D. speak

Câu 22. John: "I didn't pass my driving test." Anna: "______________!"

A. Better luck next time                                    B. Congratulations

C. So poor                                                        D. That was nice of them

Câu 23. Maria: "Who was the man with you yesterday?" Kelvin: "He was_________."

A. the man next door                                     B. the next door man

C. the man next to the door                           D. the man next by the door

Câu 24. I suggest a picnic on the weekend.

A. had                            B. have                       C. having                         D. to have

Câu 25. John F. Kennedy wouldn't have died in 1963 if he to Dallas.

A. hadn't gone                 B.not go                        C.didn't go                    D.wouldn't go

IV. Read the following passage and indicate the correct word or phrase that best fits each of the numbered blanks.

Mr. Brown and some (26) conservationists are on a very dirty beach now. Today they are ready to make the beach a clean and beautiful place again. After (27) to Mr. Browns instructions, they are divided (28) three groups. Group I needs to walk along the shore. Group 2 should check the sand, (29) group 3 has to check among the rocks. Garbage must be put into plastic bags, and the bags will be (30) by Mr. Jones. He will take the bags to the garbage (31)___________. Each member will be given a (32)_____ to find the right place. They won't eat the picnic lunch (33) by Mrs. Smith until the whole area is clean. (34) are eager to work hard so as to refresh this(35) area.

Câu 26. A. voluntary                     B. volunteers                   C. volunteering                     D. volunteer

Câu 27. A. watching                      B. seeing                          C. listening                           D. hearing

Câu 28. A. in                                   B. to                                C. into                                    D. onto

Câu 29. A. or                                   B. and                              C. because                        D. though

Câu 30. A. selected                          B. chosen                       C. collected                         D. elected

Câu 31. A. dump                       B. yard                          C. area                           D. place

Câu 32. A. book                          B. camera                        C. map                         D. tour guide

Câu 33. A. happened                     B. provided                    C. achieved                       D. shown

Câu 34. A. Them all                    B. They all                        C. All them                        D. All they

Câu 35. A. spoiling                      B. spoil                          C. spoiled                          D. spoils

V. Read the following passage and indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

To do well at school, college or university you usually need to do well in exams. All the students hate exams' may be a generalization, but it is fairly true one. Certainly, all of the students I've known disliked doing exams. None of them thought that the exam system was fair; to do well in an exam you simply had to be able to predict the questions which would be asked. This was the case as regards two students in my class at college. Both of them were exceptionally bright, but in the final year exam neither of them got an A grade. In fact, they both got Cs. The exam had tested us on questions which had come up the previous year. They had both assumed that the same questions wouldn't come up again, and hadn't prepared for them.

Câu 36. Students need to do well in exams.........................

A. in order to do well at school.                   B. Because they need to do well at school.

C. so that to do well at school.                 D. Therefore they have to do well at school.

Câu 37. The statement "All the students hate exams" is...............................

A. extremely true                         B. quite true                   C. completely true                    D. very true

Câu 38. Which of the following sentences is Not true?

A. All of the students the writter have known thought that the exam systerm was unfair.

B. To do well in an exam you simply had the ability to predict the questions which would be asked.

C. None of the students the writter have known disliked doing exams.

D. All the students hate exams' is fairy true generalization

Câu 39. Why did the two students in the writers class get C garades in the final exam?

A. Because the exam was really difficult.

B. Because they didn't prepare for the questions that had come up the previous year.

C. Because they were dull students.

D. Because the questions weren't in their lessons.

Câu 40. The writer's main purpose of writing the passage is to.......................................

A. describe the importantance of exams.              B. Discuss how exams effect on the students.

C. expalin the equality in examinations.                 D. Criticize the exam system.


    B. PHẦN TỰ LUẬN (2,0 điểm)



Complete each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as the one printed before it.

Câu 1. They had bad marks because they were lazy.

They were______________________________

Câu 2. "Don't go to bed too late". My mother said to me.

My mother asked________________________."

Câu 3. I'm sorry I won't be home tomorrow.

I wish______________________________.

Câu 4. They enjoy walking in the rain.

They are_____________________________.

Câu 5. She moved to that house in 1973.

She has_______________________________.




Write a paragraph of 100-200 words about your favorite activity after school.


     -------------THE END-------------

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