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Đề thi vào lớp 10 môn tiếng Anh chuyên Hưng Yên năm 2014 - 2015

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Đề thi vào lớp 10 môn tiếng Anh chuyên Hưng Yên năm 2014 2015 có đáp án đính kèm là tài liệu hữu ích cho các em tham khảo và ôn luyện.








NĂM HỌC 2014 - 2015

Môn thi: TIẾNG ANH

(Dành cho tất cả thí sinh)

Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút


I/ (1,0 point) Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest. Write A, B, C or D  on your answer sheet.



A. claimed

B. warned

C. occurred

D. existed


A. grade

B. replace

C. want

D. parade


A. health

B. ready

C. heavy

D. appear


A. huge

B. garage

C. villagers

D. dangerous


A. sugar

B. sight

C. source

D. sale



II/ (3,0 points) Choose the best word or phrase to complete the following sentences. Write A, B, C or D  on your answer sheet.

1. We were having dinner _______ the telephone rang.


A. when         

B. while            

C. until

D. since

2. I don’t like the place _______ he lives.


A. that

B. which

C. where

D. what

3. Do you find the internet ______, Nam?


A. use

B. useful

C. used

D. usefully

4. He drives very _____ and has caused two accidents this year.


A. careless

B. carefully

C. carelessly

D. careful

5. The government hopes to _________ its plans for introducing the cable TV.


A. turn out

B. carry out

C. carry on

D. keep on

6. He used to _________ full time, but now he is a part time worker.


A. working

B. worked

C. works

D. work

7. She has just taken the examination ______ Maths.


A. for

B. at

C. on

D. in

8. Let’s wait_______  the rain stops.


A. before

B. after

C. when

D. until

9.This soup tastes_______ that I can’t eat it.


A. so sweetly

B. too sweetly

C. so sweet

D. very sweet

10. Give me your telephone number_______ I need your help.


A. in case

B. so that

C. unless

D. whether

11.  I finally finished _______ at 7 p.m and served dinner.


A. cooking

B. being cooked

C. to cook

D. to be cooked

12. We believe the new program will be _______to everyone.


A. beneficially 

B. benefit            

C. beneficial

D. beneficiary

13.  You hardly watch science fiction films, _________?


A. don’t you

B. do you

C. are you

D. aren’t you

14. He denied ________the shop.


A. breaking into

B. break into

C. broke into

D. to break into

15. He is often _______ to the cinema on the weekend.


A. taken

B. take

C. taking

D. to take


III/ (1,5 points) Read the passage and choose the best option A, B, C or D to answer the question. Write your answers on the answer sheet.

One of the most urgent environmental problems in the world today is the shortage of clean water. Having clean drinking water is a basic human right. But acid rain, industrial pollution and garbage have made many sources of water undrinkable. Lakes, reservoirs and even entire seas have become vast pools of poison. Lake Baikal in Russia is one of the largest lakes in the world. It contains a rich variety of animals and plants, including 1,300 rare species that do not exist anywhere else in the world. But they are being destroyed by the massive volumes of industrial wastes which pour into the lake every day. Even where law existed, the government did not have the power to enforce them. Most industries simply ignore the regulations. The Mediterranean Sea occupies 1% of the world’s water surface. But it is the dumping ground for 50% of all marine pollution. Almost 16 countries regularly throw industrial wastes a few miles off shore.

Water is free to everyone. A few years ago people thought that the supply of clean water in the world was limitless. Today, many water supplies have been ruined by pollution and sewage. Clean water is now scarce, and we are at last beginning to respect this precious source. We should do something now.

 1. One environmental problem in the world today is ________.

            A. acid rain                                                                 B. safe water shortage     

            C. industrial pollution                                                 D. population explosion

2. Which of the following is NOT the reason that makes water undrinkable?

            A. acid rain                    B. garbage                            C. industrial pollution       D. high cost

3. What is a serious problem of Lake Baikal in Russia?

            A. It contains a rich variety of animals and plants.

            B. It is polluted by massive volumes of industrial wastes discharged into it.

            C. It has 1,300 rare species that do not exist anywhere else in the world.

            D. The government did not have the power to enforce laws and regulations.

4. How many countries throw industrial wastes into the Mediterranean Sea regularly?

            A. exactly 16                  B. exactly 15                        C. nearly 16             D. less than 15

5. What is the message to the readers?

            A. We should take action to protect our water resources.

            B. We should take all water resources into account.

            C. We should limit the use of water resources.

            D. We should encourage people to use safe water.


IV/ (1,5 points) Fill in each blank with one suitable word. Write your answers on the answer sheet.


Books play a very important part in our life. There is practically no family that does not have books. We can learn many things (1)______ books. They help us in self-education and in solving problems in life. In ancient times, books were all (2)_____  by hand and few copies were made (3)______  it took a very long time to write a whole book with a pen. Sometimes several men were needed to copy a book as the work was slow. For many, many years the (4)______ of books in the world was very small. Only a few people had copies of them to read and study. Most people could not even read. Today there are more than 350 thousand public libraries in our country and everyone has the (5)_______ to use them.


V/ (1,5 points) Complete the following sentences, using the words or phrases suggested. Write your answers on the answer sheet.

1. No one/ our club/ speak English/ fluently/ as Mai.

2. How long/ it / usually take you/ do/ homework ?

3. There / so many chickens/  garden / I / not count/ them all.

4. If you/ stay / late/ you/ be/ tired/ tomorrow.

5. I / look forward/ hear/ my mother / Singapore.


VI/ (1,5 points) Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as the sentence printed before it. Write your answers on the answer sheet.

1. People say that Hoa bought this shop last year.       

 Hoa is  __________________________________________________.

2. The poor farmer was tired but he didn’t stop working.

 In spite of  _______________________________________________.

3. Mr.Brown's team has lost the game. He looks very sad.

 Mr. Brown, whose  _________________________________________.

4. "If I were you, I would take a break" Tom said to Daisy.

 Tom advised______________________________________________.

5. It takes him 2 hours to do his homework every day.

   He spends ______________________________________________.


------------ THE END ------------

  Tải về đáp án đính kèm  dap-an-tieng-anh-chuyen-hung-yen-2014-2015.pdf


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