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Đề thi vào lớp 10 môn tiếng Anh tỉnh Bạc Liêu năm 2015 - 2016

Thứ năm - 27/10/2016 03:40 giới thiệu Đề thi vào lớp 10 môn tiếng Anh tỉnh Bạc Liêu năm 2015 2016 cho các em tham khảo cùng ôn luyện.

SỞ GIÁO DỤC VÀ ĐÀO TẠO                         KỲ THI TUYỂN SINH VÀO LỚP 10 

              BẠC LIÊU                                                           NĂM HỌC 2015 - 2016

                           Môn thiTiếng Anh 

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 Part 1: Choose the best option (A, B, C or D) to complete each of the following sentences

Câu 1: Environmental _______ is one of the most serious problems now.

     A. pollute                      B. polluting                   C. pollution                   D. pollutant

Câu 2: Nam’s birthday is _______ 25th September.

     A. in                              B. at                              C. on                             D. with

Câu 3: Mary _______ in Vietnam for 2 years.

     A. have lived                B. lived                         C. lives                          D. has lived

Câu 4: A new supermarket _______ in my city next month.

     A. built                          B. will build                  C.was built                    D. will be built

Câu 5: Buddhism is Thai national _______.

     A. language                   B. capital                       C. religion                     D. region

Câu 6: If I have enough money, I _______ a laptop.

     A. will buy                    B. bought                      C. buy                           D. will bought

Câu 7: He made a deep _______ by singing a beautiful song when he first came to our class.

     A. impress                     B. impressing                C. impressed                 D. impression

Câu 8: He cannot drive a car. He wishes he _______ a car.

     A. drives                       B. drove                        C. can drive                   D. could drive

Câu 9: She asked me if I _______ living in the city.

     A. like                           B. to like                       C. liked                         D. liking

Câu 10: The book _______ I bought yesterday is very interesting.

     A. when                        B. whom                       C. who                          D. which

Câu 11: I used to _______ a lot of candy when I was young.

     A. eating                       B. eaten                         C. eats                           D. eat

Câu 12: Thomas Edison invented moving pictures, _______?

     A. wasn’t he                 B. did he                       C. didn’t he                   D. doesn’t he

Câu 13: This city has a _______ of three millions.

     A. population                B. minority                    C. tradition                    D. climate

Câu 14: Roses are considered the _______ of love.

     A. subject                      B. symbol                      C. fashion                      D. pattern

Câu 15: What about _______ plastic bags to recycle?

     A. collecting                 B. collected                   C. to collect                   D. collection

Câu 16: He suggests _______ to school by bicycle.

     A. to go                         B. going                        C. went                         D. go


(ID: 110751) Part 2: Choose the best word (A, B, C or D) to fill in each gap in the passage

     Television is one of man's most important --------------(17) of communication. It brings pictures and sounds from around the world into millions of homes. A person with a television set can sit in his house and watch the President make a --------------(18) or visit a foreign country. He can see a war being fought and watch statesmen try to bring about peace. Through television, home viewers can see and learn about people, places, and things in faraway lands. TV even ---------------(20) its viewers out of this world. It brings them coverage of America's astronauts as the astronauts explore outer space.

     In addition _______(21) these things, television brings its viewers a steady stream of programs that are ----------(22) to entertain. In fact, TV _______(23) many more entertainment programs than any other kinds. The programs include action-packed dramas, light comedies, sporting ----------(24), and motion pictures

Câu 17: A. means              B. pens                          C. books                        D. lands

Câu 18: A. speaking          B. speech                      C. talking                      D. culture

Câu 19: A. seeing              B. see                            C. sees                           D. saw

Câu 20: A. listens              B. takes                         C. washes                      D. goes

Câu 21: A. which              B. whose                       C. whom                       D. who

Câu 22: A. which              B. whose                       C. whom                       D. who

Câu 23: A. buys                 B. provides                   C. produces                   D. sells

Câu 24: A. celebrations     B. earthquakes              C. events                       D. typhoons

(ID: 110810) Part 3: Read the passage and answer the questions below.

     The tiny village of Frinley is said to possess a “cursed tree”. Because the tree was mentioned in a newspaper, the number of visitors to Frinley has now increased. The tree was planted near a church fifty years ago, but it is only in recent years that it has gain an evil reputation. It is said that if anyone touched the tree, he will have bad luck; If he picks a leaf, he will die. Many villagers believe that the tree has already claimed a number of victims. The vicar has been asked to have the tree cut down, but so far he has refused. He has pointed out that the tree is a useful source of income as tourists have come from all parts of the country to see it. In spite of all that has been said, the tourists have picked leaves and cut their names on the tree-trunk. So far, not one of them has been truck down by sudden death!
1.Where and when the tree planted?
2. What will happen to a man if he touches the tree?
3. Why is the tree a useful source of income?

(ID: 110814) Part 4: Put the following words or phrases in the correct order to make the meaningful sentences.

1. China / to / last week / he / went.

2. told/ Peter/ me/ turn on/ to / light/ the.

3. met/ haven’t /since /we/school/left/each other/ we.

4. I /come /to/ party / your / tomorrow / I /wish / could.

5. forward / to /my /friends / am / I / hearing /looking /from.

6. am / to / it / about / you / tell / eager / I.

7. would / I / buy / that / were / computer / if / I / you.

8. English /Nga /very / speaks / fluently.





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